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What if a Loved One Dies as the Result of Negligence?
If someone you loved died from the negligence and irresponsibility of someone else, this Everett Wrongful Death Attorney could help make things right. We may not be able to bring your loved one back, but we can help ease the financial burden that comes with losing someone close to you.

Plus, we make it our responsibility to make sure that the party or parties that caused harm to your loved one are held responsible for their actions. You’ve already endured enough, so we make sure to find a fair and just outcome for your case.

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Our Firm’s History
As an Everett Wrongful Death Attorney, we’ll make sure those accountable for your loved one’s passing are brought to task. Rico Tessandore has a long history with Washington state, especially Snohomish County, where the local Bar Association had him as president.

Currently, both Skagit and Snohomish counties have Mr. Tessandore as an arbitrator. He has enjoyed a successful career throughout the court system and even takes on pro bono work when he sees the situation fit. He is perfectly equipped to handle civil cases of all kinds, especially wrongful death suits.

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Wrongful Deaths in Snohomish County
Wrongful deaths are unfortunate and can happen under a variety of circumstances. Many wrongful death cases make the news, mainly because, by definition, wrongful deaths could have been prevented with proper diligence.

Many times, wrongful death suits can be settled outside of court. This isn’t necessarily applicable to all wrongful death cases, and you shouldn’t assume that it will happen with your case. However, it is a regular occurrence in the legal system regarding wrongful deaths.

It’s important to note that wrongful death suits are civil cases and exist separately from criminal charges and cases. Monetary settlements in and outside of court can range from very little to very large amounts. It will all depend on how much you’re entitled to and how this Everett Wrongful Death Lawyer can aid you in getting full compensation.

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Why Choose Us
If you choose the law offices of Rico Tessandore, you’re choosing someone who has an intimate understanding of not only the law but is also a proud family man. Mr. Tessandore, who grew up in King County, has a unique civil law experience but is also a loving father to two children.

Mr. Tessandore knows how difficult it is for anyone to lose a family member, let alone under wrongful death circumstances. He and his associates will take care of you and make sure you get your fair due after having a loved one taken due to negligent circumstances.

You can rest easy if you choose this Everett Wrongful Death Attorney because we have your best interests at heart. We will help you get fair and just compensation for the wrongful loss of your loved one. All you have to do is give us a call, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your options with you.

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How an Everett Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Help
Dealing with the grief of losing a loved one is already a tough burden to carry. If you know your loved one died due to someone’s negligence and misconduct, it can be difficult to know where to start to get the financial compensation you deserve.

That’s where the law offices of Rico Tessandore come in because we’ll help you get justice for your lost loved one. We’ll make sure the negligence of the parties involved in your loved one’s passing pay retribution for their misconduct and ease the financial struggles the passing has left you in.

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What the Law Says About Wrongful Deaths

Obviously, as the title suggests, wrongful deaths are unfortunately caused by negligent people in their duties and responsibilities. Though the person that has been wronged has passed away, family members can bring the case to court to receive economic and noneconomic retribution.

The first family members eligible to file a wrongful death case and receive benefits are spouses, registered domestic partners, and children. If the deceased has no one to fulfill those roles, the case can be filed for parents or siblings to benefit from the wrongful death suit.

While the state files criminal cases, wrongful death cases (and civil cases like it) are filed by surviving members of the deceased’s family and only pertain to money damages. Retribution is monetary in wrongful death suits, and no criminal charges are brought upon opposing parties.

Perhaps most important to remember is that you must file a wrongful death suit within three years of your loved one’s passing. If it’s not filed within that time period, the courts will likely refuse to hear it, meaning you’re no longer eligible for compensation for the opposing party’s negligence.

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You May Be Entitled To This and More

Like we mentioned before, monetary compensation in these cases can vary. Some cases result in very high payouts, while others don’t. What’s important is that you’re getting compensated for the loss of your loved one, and those responsible are being held accountable.

These damages and compensations that are paid out can cover a variety of charges. This can include things like your loved one’s last medical bills, funeral expenses—even lost income that would have been generated if your loved one hadn’t passed.

Moreover, you can ask for retribution for the pain and suffering of enduring this loss. What will be awarded to you depends on the situation, but no one should have to suffer such a loss at the hands of misconduct without financial compensation.

Family members like spouses, domestic partners, and children, step- or otherwise, can ask for retribution based on loss of care and companionship. It’s harder for family members like parents or siblings to file for this, but it could be possible.

You’re already dealing with the loss of your loved one—let us help you get the compensation you deserve to cope with this immeasurable loss. Give the Everett Wrongful Death Attorney a call to make sure you’re properly compensated for the loss of your loved one.

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